Francis Marchionini from MORe architecture
Living in the south west of France, in the town of Bordeaux, is a perfect geographic situation for gathering by the Atlantic ocean,
the Pyrenees mountain and the urban life. This is why I decided to established my office 4 years ago with 2 friends in this town. During my studies in the architecture school of Bordeaux, I manage to conciliate my three passions: architecture, skateboard and snowboard. In 1999, i moved to Norway for one “Erasmus” year.  There, I benefit both snowboarding and studying architecture in a Scandinavian atmosphere. I made my first experience of work in the PIR 2 ARKITEKTKONTOR office.  When I returned from Norway , I started to work on some mix use projects which integrate skateboarding. Graduated from the school of architecture and landscape of Bordeaux in June 2003, I started to work in a architecture office specialized in social housing. There, I experienced the true life of an architect. In January 2004, I drew the plans for a skatepark for the city of Troyes in association with the landscape architects office BASE. During all these years, between sessions and work, mountains do not leave my thoughts. This is when the SNOWHOUSE project came to my mind.  My architecture is contemporary, free, based on fun and playful variations of shape. I’m not looking for any style or architectural movement, each project is unique and an occasion to redefine the vision of our environment. I’m influenced by the animal kingdom that includes concepts such as the architecture of camouflage, raw materials, shell, skins, animal postures etc... Right now I work on project that seek the primitive needs of human body.

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